Organic Cotton Owl Gift Stuffed Toy
deidaa organic cotton stuffed owl

Organic Cotton Owl Gift

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Organic cotton owl gift eco-warrior.At Deidaa, we are left with surplus fabric from our different projects. Being committed to a waste-free ecosystem, we were keen to develop a product that would utilise this surplus fabric. We hit upon the idea of making organic eco-friendly toys, kid’s room decor, doorstops, and bookends from leftover fabric. The next challenge was to find a suitable filling. After much research, we decided to use filling made from recycled plastic bottles. Trial and error followed. Many prototypes later, our eco-warriors were born. 

  •  organic stuffed animal
  •  handmade from leftover organic cotton fabric and filling made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Olly owl is a wise owl. He reads a lot and wears spectacles
  • Olly owl has a medallion around his neck that tells the eco-warrior story.
  • Christmas and birthday gift
  • perfect for an owl themed kid’s room decor.

Is the filling safe to use? Yes, we do not just cut up plastic bottles to stuff the toys. The plastic waste is processed into fibre at state of the art facilities. This filling is safe, washable, hypoallergenic, and mildew resistant.