Collection: Reusable Bags

The calico tote bag offers an eco-friendly alternative. Made from certified organic cotton, it is natural and unbleached. Calico bags are lightweight and foldable, making them perfect for everyday use. From grocery shopping to carrying books or everyday essentials, this reusable bag promotes sustainability and reduces plastic waste.

Designed specifically to keep baked goods fresh, the bread bag has a strong tie.  It is made from breathable organic cotton fabric. The bread bag allows you to store your baked goodies or loaves without compromising their taste or texture.

The farmer's pocket bag or farmer's market bag is strong and roomy. It has sturdy handles that do not cut into your shoulder. It has six pockets that keep bottles and breakables safe while carrying grocery. 

Use Deidaa's drawstring mesh bags and produce bags to store lentils, pulses, herbs, and rice. Made out of breathable organic cotton, these bags keep your produce fresh.

Deidaa’s seriously large duffel bag, is capacious and durable.  Crafted from certified organic cotton canvas, it has  ample room with a wide opening. This bag is compact when folded, and opens up into a large bag. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or heading to the gym, the duffel bag's generous capacity and sturdy handles provide convenience and reliability. It  is a go-to choice for travellers and adventurers for its versatility and multiple uses.