deidaa cotton kid's apron mummy and me
Kids Apron Mummy and Me

Kids Apron Mummy and Me

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  • Kid's Apron Mummy and Me
  • Apron - 50 x 65 cm
  • Chef Hat - 50 (circumference) x 25 cm
  • Tea Towel - 45 x 65 cm Adult Apron - 50 x 80 cm
  • Designed in Australia (copyrighted)
  • Would you rather buy something different this festive season for your favourite niece or nephew? Why not buy this funny adult kids apron set?
  • This new unisex apron set comes with a kids apron, an adult apron, a chef hat, and a tea towel.
  • Children are experimenting more and more in the kitchen. But at all times, adult supervision is recommended. If the adult and the child wear coordinated aprons, then cooking or baking become fun activities for the adult and the child. It strengthens the bond between the adult and the child. Such activities aid in the all-round development of the child.
  • Do you like the funny apron for yourself? Would you like to buy the adult apron by itself? Or would you rather buy only the childrens' apron set and not the adult apron. Send a message to Deidaa with details of your requirement. Deidaa will work out a payment plan for you.