Why is art and craft important? Deidaa decodes the benefits.

Why is art and craft important? Deidaa decodes the benefits.

Why is art and craft important in today's world? Pre-Covid, I visited the Royal Melbourne Show at the Melbourne Show Grounds. I was hoping to do the rides, get acquainted with farm animals and come away with a couple of show bags. Little did I know, I would stumble upon some amazing works of art and craft at the Spotlight Makers' Pavilion. Crochet flowers, hats, embroidery and quilts had me transfixed. And here I was, thinking, art and craft were losing ground to mechanization in today's world. That's when it struck me, art and craft is more relevant today than ever before!

Art and Craft - Wellness Factor

Activites like crochet and knitting exercise the digits. They mitigate depression, dementia and anxiety. Such activities are antidotes to negative emotions and lack of self esteem.

 Art and Craft - the Social Aspect

Deidaa works with artisans to create eco-toys, applique tops, crochet kaftans and more. Craft in artisan communities is more often a social activity than not. Music, rhythm, gossip and food are integral to the process of creation. People in traditional societies seldom suffer from loneliness.

Art and Craft - Make Do and Mend

How many times have you thrown out a blouse because a button is missing or a few seams have come undone? The amount of abandoned clothes that end up in landfill is alarming. If we embrace the World War II slogan of 'make, do and mend', we can get more use out of repaired and re-engineered garments. In a similar vein, a button sewn or a blouse mended is money saved in your piggy bank. It may seem little, but at the end of the day, can add to the deposit for a new house.

Art and Craft - Kids' Growth

Art and craft activities foster physical and mental co-ordination in children. They enhance problem solving and communication skills. Deidaa makes a range of parent and child aprons. These aprons strengthen the bond between a parent and a child. Kids can do simple and safe chores in the kitchen. Kids, so trained, experience all round development and form healthy habits early.

Art and Craft - Giving Back

You can give back to the community or to the environment through art and craft. Imagine a penguin wearing a jacket you made! Deidaa donates fabric shreds to factories that make recycled paper out of waste. Deidaa uses this recycled paper to gift wrap products, free of cost.

Art and Craft - Lasting Memories

A hand made gift conveys emotions that no present bought at a shop can match. When my daughter was little she would give me handmade cards filled with hand written poems. I have saved each one of those. I have a box full of lace made by my mother. When I miss her, I open the box, and rummage through the patinted lace!
Let us celebrate the makers, the crafters, the embroiderers and quilters! May your tribe thrive."
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