What do I like about Australia - Australia Day at Deidaa

What do I like about Australia - Australia Day at Deidaa

Today, I will talk to you about how I derive inspiration from my travels within Australia. How I incorporate this inspiration into my design aesthtic.

What do I like about Australia - Australian Beach

In Australia, you can have an excellent quality of life with a few simple things. If you are heading to the beach on a sunny day, take a tote bag, put in some beach towels, a water bottle, sunnies and bathers. Select a zipped tote with an inner compartment. You can put your mobile phone, and car keys into the zipped inner compartment. I like a zipped tote because if it's not zipped I end up losing a thing or two.
What I like foremost about Australia are the Australian beaches. The best beaches are down under. Australia has over 10,000 beaches. If you were to visit one beach every day it will take you over 27 years to cover all the beaches.

Unique Flora and Fauna

Australia has unique flora and fauna. You will not find Australian flowers and animals elswhere in the world. My favourite is the gum tree. We are so much in love with the gum nuts and the gum leaves, we have put them on our cross body bags. Needless to say, this crossbody bag is one of our bestsellers. If you look closely, you will find a koala on a gum tree. Koalas sleep for 22 hours and eat for the remaining two. If you go into the bush , you may find the kangaroo and their smaller cousins, the wallabies. They are wild animals. An encounter with a kangaroo is not always pleasant. We have varieties of spiders, snakes and crocodiles.

Art, Sports, Life

I like the synergy of art, sports and life, Australia has on offer.

Food and Wine

Australia has a vibrant food and wine culture. There are over 60 designated wine regions in Australia. It is the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. In Victoria, it is the Yarra Valley, and the Barossa Valley in South Australia. In Western Australia, it is the Margaret river region. You can go to the wineries for some excellent wine. Australia has different kinds of cuisine - Japanese, Vietnamese, Ethiopian or Mediterranean.

Muticultural and Innovative 

With over 273 ethnicities, Australia is multicultural. Australians are open, friendly, sports loving, creative and innovative. The black box, the selfie, Google maps and WIFI were introduced by Australians.
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