What are the Top 10 Fashion Trends in 2024

What are the Top 10 Fashion Trends in 2024


In fashion, bust is usually followed by boom.  However, if you thought, post- pandemic, we would bring back the roaring 20s, champagne for breakfast and sequins for supermarket runs that did not happen.

Table of Contents

  • Black and White
  • Lame' Sequins Metallics
  • Corsets Tartans Crinoline
  • Gothic Florals
  • Got Dressed in a Hurry and Forgot the Skirt
  • Blankets Scarves Shrugs
  • Hourglass Silhouette 
  • Timelessness
  • Denim 
  • Sequinned Dress and Fuzzy Coats

1. Black and White

2 years from Covid and one year from the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and  new unrest in different parts of the world, a sense of anxiety prevails. Fashion is a reflection of what happens in the outer world. Perhaps that is why strict black coats rule the runway along with, no prizes for guessing, classic white shirts.

2. Lame' Sequins Metallics

However not all is gloom and doom. You could make your black coats and skirts sparkle with lame', sequins, and metallics.

3. Corsets Tartans Crinoline

In December 2022, a stalwart of the fashion industry Vivienne Westwood passed away. Designers paid tributes to Vivienne Westwood with corsets as outer wear, tartans, mini crinis or crinoline inspired mini skirts.

4. Gothic Florals 

5. Got Dressed in a Hurry and Forgot the Skirt

Florals had a Gothic tinge while sheer lingerie inspired fabrics and knickers worn with tights epitomized got dressed in a hurry and forgot the skirt look.

6. Blankets Scarves Shrugs

Blankets scarves and shrugs are over everything. Ease into autumn as the mercury dips. Simply throw on a dramatic scarf

7. Hourglass Silhouette

The hourglass silhouette is back, cinched by wide belts and offset by wide  shoulders.

8. Timeless

The watch word in fashion in 2023 is timelessness. Being on trend and future proofing your wardrobe is synergized.

9. Denim

This season is about embracing the classics. be it the black and white coat denim, Vivienne Westwood's punk and rock legacy, fashion continues to be a reflection of the world it exists in.

10. Sequinned Dress and Fuzzy Coat

Make your entry in a sequinned dress and exit in a fuzzy coat those are your evening wear or party wear choices for the Christmas.


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