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Top Winter 2021 Fashion Trends Deidaaecogiftsonline

Top Winter 2021 Fashion Trends

Has winter caught you unawares in 2021? You were soaking in the the last few days of Autumn sun. All of a sudden, icy winds and rain have hit you like a ton of bricks! What’s a foolproof recipe for style and comfort this winter? Deidaa shares with you the top winter 2021 fashion trends.

1. Layering

Wear your boot cut jeans with sweater vests or turtleneck knits. Top up with a boyfriend blazer or a leather jacket. Accessorise with chunky boots, headscarves or neckerchiefs. Select a floral or paisley printed cotton or silk scarf.  Tie it under your chin to channel your inner Jackie Onassis or Audrey Hepburn. Alternately, wear the head scarf like a bandanna and tie it at the back of your neck.

2. The ‘70s

Get the woodstock vibes with free – flowing maxi dresses, earth tones like yellow, camel and brown, and folk inspired quilted and paisley printed coats.

If the ‘70s are ruling the runways, can fringes and tassels be far behind? A statement handbag with OTT fringes or tassels is your power accessory this season.

3. Pop of Blue and Dash of Yellow

Is your winter wardrobe full of neutrals – black and grey? Revamp your winter wardrobe with a pop of cobalt or cornflower blue. Wear yellow in accessories – handbags or scarves.

 4. Combat Boots

The functionality of these chunky boots is amazing in winter. These ‘90s boots combat rain, wind and chill.  Invest in a pair of classic Dr. Martens . Wear them with knit dresses, relaxed jeans, puffas, shackets and sweater vests.

 5. Power Suits and Oversized Blazers

Play with your silhouette this winter. Look effortlessly chic in an oversized boyfriend blazer.  Create an iillusion of cinched waist and long legs with shoulder fortified power suits in sorbet colours. Use pastel coloured scarves as accents.

6. Black Face Masks:

Be fashionably safe. Cover your nose and mouth with black silk or organic face masks. Go logo. Wear branded or mongrammed face masks.  Black provides the perfect foil to colours like red, olive or burgundy. Complement a black face mask with shirt dresses and trench coats. 

How to Wear Top Fashion Trends

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