Top Tips for Travel Packing

Top Tips for Travel Packing

2020 - what a year this has been! We have never seen anything like this before. Hopefully, we will not see anything like this in the future. We have been homebound for the most of 2020 - working and networking virtually. Are you itching to travel? Deidaa has a few top tips for travel packing.

Top Tips for Travel Packing - Short Term Long Term

What kind of travel you are doing? Are you going away for a fortnight or are you going away for a few days? If you are going away for a few days, invest in a strong canvas tote bag. Ensure it has plenty of room inside. A tote bag can be your carry-on luggage. It will be your overnight bag or double up as a beach bag. This bag will hold  your shopping. Select a canvas bag with zips, and pockets. Store your essentials in the outer pockets - water bottles, sunglasses and nibbles. Store your valuables in the zipped inner pocket. Zips and snap locks minimise the loss of goods in transit. Replace Plastic Pods with Drawstring Calico Bags

If you are going away for a fortnight you will need to carry a little more. Select four calico bags. Use the first reusable bag for your trinkets. Use the second drawstring bag for your lingerie. The third one may be for your hair ties and scrunchies. Put essentials like medicines and first aid kits in the fourth drawstring pouch. Keep the fourth bag in your carry-on luggage.

Use mesh bags for shoes. Because it is mesh, the shoes will be well ventilated. Put a sachet of lavender or something fragrant. in your shoe bag. Your shoes would always smell nice.

Replace Plastic Inserts with Drawstring Calico Bags

Replace plastic bag inserts with bigger calico drawstring bags. Put your sleepwear in one calico bag, tshirts in the next one, pants in the third and dresses in the fourth. Once you have placed the bigger bags in your travel case, use the nooks and crannies for small bags. Optimize every bit of space in your travel bag.

Carry the Right Mix of Clothes

For clothing, I would recommend a blend of kaftans. Sheer kaftans are effective beach cover ups or throw overs for your bathers. These tunics are ideal for poolside or beach barbecues. Combine the sheer kaftans with the middleweight kaftan dresses. These are good for lounging, taking a stroll, shopping and sundry activities. Some kaftans have zips running down the front. They are ideal for nursing mums. I like a couple of beaded kaftans. These are casual and formal wear and ease morning to evening transformation.

If adventure is your poison, make sure you pack a few t-shirts. T-shirts are ideal for adventure activities like trekking or hiking. Organic cotton t-shirts are non-toxic. They are breathable. Breathability and comfort are important when you partake in adventure sports.

Travel wear should be light, comfortable, easy to carry and versatile.

Add a couple of lightweight dresses that fold into nothing. Some of Deidaa's dresses are soft and comfortable. With these dresses, one size fits most.

Pack the Right Accessories

Carry a few different scarves. You can never go wrong with a black pashmina . If you like a pop of colour, substitute black with hot pink, red or a colour that complements/offsets your travel clothes. Add a printed silk scarf. A printed scarf can liven up the plainest of dresses. I cannot recommend more the boho cotton scarves. The animal or floral print fringe, tassel or pompom scarves are versatile. If you are at the beach these cotton wraps could be your sarongs. Tie them around your forehead like a bandana, or sling them from your bag for a nice boho vibe. If you're traveling to religious places, you may need to cover your shoulders to get an entry. Cover your shoulder with cotton scarves. You will be eligible for entry into religious places.

 Travel light and safe. Put 2020 behind you. Unwind. Come back refreshed for 2021.

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