Top Ten Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends 2022

Top Ten Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends 2022

Mercury is dipping, the winter chill is sending shivers down our spines... we still have to go out, go to work, do chores, attend meetings, catch up with girlfriends, life goes on... we have to dress right and look right. We have to be onboard with autumn-winter fashion trends.

 Autumn Winter 2022 - Silhouette

When we are talking trends, we have to begin with the silhouette or the outer shape. In 2022, the silhouette is oversized - oversized pullovers, sweaters, jackets, shackets ,oversized blazers, boyfriend shirts. If you are feeling a little too oversized, take a belt and clinch your waist with a belt. It will immediately give your body a definition or shape.

Autumn Winter 2022 - Dopamine

Get hold of some dopamine jewelry - large and oversized baubles, put it on your neck and voila, it gives a focus to your entire outfit.
Clunky chains and links are trending. Get some linked jewelry. The colorful jewelry is part of dopamine dressing. What are the dopamine colors? Purple, orange, hot pink, blue and green, anything that makes you feel happy. No charcoal or black.  We have had enough of gloom and doom in the last two years.

Autumn Winter 2022 - Prints

We have spoken silhouettes, we have spoken colors, what next?  Prints. For prints, we have checkerboard, and stripes.  The Houndstooth motif makes a big comeback. Opt for a  reversible, Houndstooth scarf. The unisex Houndstooth is a statement piece for Autumn-Winter 2022.

 Autumn Winter 2022 - Y2K

When we are talking checkerboard, Houndstooth and stripes, we are referring to the y2k trend. I am talking about the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Primarily the 90s minimalist, preppy  look is coming back with a bang in 2022.

Autumn Winter 2022 - Pashmina

When we are talking 90s, can pashminas be far behind? Pashminas were a rage in the 1990s. Wear pashmina in colors like green, emerald, shades of green. Green is the color of the season. Make it an emerald or a sage or mint.

Animal prints are not going anywhere.  Every time we suggest animal prints are on their way out, they make their presence felt. Large florals are here to stay. Wear them in biker jackets 

 Autumn Winter 2022 - Puffa Jackets 

Coming to textures and fabric manipulation - quilted look and anything that's puffed are trending. If we combine puffed with quilting, we get the puffa jacket. Pick a lightweight one with hoody. Ensure it is portable and waterproof,  perfect for your winter wardrobe.  The second puffa in your winter wardrobe can be a heavy duty duck down puffa.  This puffa will fight rain, wind, and hail.  It can be a perfect companion for those wild winter days. 

Some bonus trend tips - fuzzy and extendable ear muffs. 
Pointy boots - not super comfy, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

Last but not the least, natural eyebrows.  Stay away from sculpted brows or brow tattoo.  All you have to do is take an eye pencil with a spoolie.  Fill in the brows with some upward strokes and tidy up with the spoolie.

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