Restore Our Earth:  Deidaa's Organic Toys make a difference on Earth Day

Restore Our Earth: Deidaa's Organic Toys make a difference on Earth Day

The discussion on plastic has taken a global proportion. Many organisations, corporates and individuals are taking action to protect our earth from the infamous plastic. We are encouraged to switch to paper straw or recyclable straw; bring our reusable coffee cups and water bottle; refuse plastic cutlery and use reusable shopping bags.

Does anyone think about toys?

In Australia, we sell approximately 135 million toys a year. The vast majority of toys are made from plastic. Most of them contain a blend of metal, polyester, circuit boards, and batteries. This renders them unsustainable.

The devastating fact is that toys only last for less than a year in a household before they are discarded. Kids lose interest in toys within 36 days. Some parents say they lose interest in less than 4 hours. Toy waste is huge. Rejected toys end up in landfill. They pollute the environment and water bodies. Parts of plastic toys gag grazing animals, turtles and fish.

At Deidaa,  we are committed to sustainability.  We embrace practices best suited to the welfare of air, earth, flora and fauna. We create toys that are made from leftover organic fabric and recycled plastic bottles.

Deidaa’s eco-warriors are farm and wild animals made from  GOTS certified organic cotton remnants.  They are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are processed into fibre. Recycling plastic bottles is a creative solution to the malaise of plastic waste. Special care is taken to ensure Deidaa’s eco-warriors are safe for children to use and play with.

Deidaa sells educational wooden toys for children. Our wooden toys help children with cognitive learning. They learn about shapes, colours, and numbers. The toys are made from natural pruned soft tree branches. No deforestation takes place in the making of these toys. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. It is bio-degradable.

Organic and sustainable toys inculcate an appreciation of the environment in children. From a tender age, they become environmentally aware, can identify waste and its impact on the earth. They can make environment-friendly choices early in life.

Opt for Deidaa’s organic and sustainable toys.  You will help to reduce the number of unsustainable toys, minimise waste in landfill and the risk of plastic toys polluting the water bodies. Deidaa will deliver your toys free of cost Australia wide and deliver anywhere in the world for a flat fee. Click below to shop Deidaa’s eco-toys.



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