An Affair to Remember... Valentine's Gift Ideas

An Affair to Remember... Valentine's Gift Ideas

Can you feel it is there something in there? There is and it's called love. We are very close to Valentine's Day. How is your V - day prep going?  With Deidaa's top tips on Valentines gift ideas and gift presentation, make your Valentine's Day an affair to remember.

Valentine's Day Women's Gift Box

Are you puzzled when it comes to buying Valentine gifts? It's not rocket science. In fashion we talk about customer profile. Step 1 - draw up your Valentine's avatar. What is her persona, her appearance, her likes and dislikes? What does she like, what does she not like, her preferences, her lifestyle. If you were to buy a rhinestone studded clutch bag who would you buy it for? You would buy it for someone who loves socializing is a party girl, is out and about, and goes to events.  You may buy it for someone who has an important  milestone event coming up.

The second step is to create a story. You have  selected a pastel floral scarf for your Valentine or Galentine. Would you give it in a brown paper bag? Not quite. Combine the floral pastel silk scarf with a clutch bag in shades of pink. Throw in bits and pieces of jewelry, perhaps a bracelet with a blush bauble on top.

Fold the scarf till it becomes compact. Line a shabby chic gift box with tissue paper. Put the floral scarf in the box. Top it up with the clutch bag, and the rose gold and blush bracelet in a tiny drawstring bag.  Fold the tissue paper and put the lid on the box.

I had salvaged a pink polka dotted ribbon from a floral bouquet or a gift hamper that I had received. I recycle my packaging. I would take the ribbon around the gift box and make a nice, plump bow. Your shabby chic pastel colored Valentine's gift box is ready for someone who loves class, elegance, floral and femininity.

If you do not have  pretty gift boxes you can make your own.  Take a plain cardboard gift box and give it a new lease of life. Cover it up with some Valentine's theme paper saved from floral bouquets.

Valentine's Day Men's Gift Box - The Preppy Look

With women it's easy, you can buy clothing, fashion accessories, makeup,  fragrances, home decor. But what about man gifts? Does it have to be socks and jocks?  Shopping habits differ. A man would go into a shoe store buy the same pair he has been buying for the last 20 years, the same size, style, fit, even the same color.  A woman would go shopping, buy everything else than what she had actually set out to buy. That's the generic difference. Having said so, I have seen many men who are natty dressers.  Men can spend a lot of time deciding what they would wear,  planning their wardrobe.  Let's talk man gifts.

For men in 2022, recreate the preppy look. Preppy look is about prep schools, Oxbridge, classy, well cut, understated. Think houndstooth,  chinos, plaids, solid colored pullovers, ties.  Pair a houndstooth scarf with a colour coordinated Italian leather wallet. Throw in a pair of matching cufflinks. Place all of these in a sophisticated gift box with a little bit of recycled tissue.  Add a Valentine's day card or a floral decoration, top it up with the lid.

You may replace the periwinkle houndstooth scarf with a  black and ivory classic houndstooth wool scarf. I have accessorized this houndstooth scarf with a vegan tie. This vegan tie is made out of wild silk. No silk worm has died in the making of this tie. I have found a couple of black and white cufflinks  that go very well with this scarf and the tie. A matching black and ivory Dolce and Gabbana wallet adds the icing on the cake. We have created a perfect story.  For a touch of class you can throw in a miniature Porsche.

Valentine's Day Men's Gift Box - The Casual Look

If your Valentine doesn't care about preppy, class or elegance, you may opt for a  funky Aztec scarf. Combine it with a merino wool beanie, made out of premium merino wool and a canvas mantote. The mantote has a tyre print.  It is automotive inspired. Any car enthusiast would love this.  Take the tote bag and chuck the beanie inside. Put the scarf in the tote bag, with  no tissue and  no frills. 

You may include a love note, or a handmade Valentine's card. Replace the  Porsche with a  Harley Davidson miniature or a Maseratti and  put in the tote bag. This becomes a nice little Valentine's gift. For a little bit of woman touch, tie a grey recycled ribbon in a bow.

That's  another option for  Valentine's man gift.

Valentine's Day Men's Gift - The Food Hamper

What about the man who has nothing to do with clothing? He is not into scarves, cufflinks,  toys,  wallets, or hankies. He lives in his board shorts. He may be a foodie. Why not do a food hamper for him?

Put some mixed nuts in a mesh bag or calico produce bag. Put dried orange slices to go with his gin. Add a quince paste from Maggi Beer, anything to go on the crackers. I made marinated olives in brine, with a hint of red onions and pimento. I have included the olives in the gift hamper. Top all of these up with something he would absolutely love.  Fill an organic calico  stubby bag with a slab of stubbies or a mix of soda and boutique beers.

A stubby bag with filled with a slab of beer with food hamper work well for someone who does not  care about clothing but likes good food and grog. Finish your hamper with a natural twine and some Australian flora.

Those were a few ideas about Valentine's Day gifts man gifts and woman gifts and  how to present your gifts.  Join Deidaa next week.  We will take you through how to create a Valentine's Day vibe, recycling what  you have lying around the house, on a budget, without spending oodles of money. 

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