how to wear green and on trend colours of 2022

How to Wear Green | On Trend Colours of 2022

Green is trending! What if you do not wear green,  green doesn't suit your skin tone, how do you wear green to work? Do not panic, the trend doesn't own you you own the trend.  Take a trend and adapt it to suit your persona, preferences, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, profession and location.

How to wear green - tints and tones 

Green does not have to be parrot green.  Every primary or secondary color comes in tints and tones.  You may not be able to wear parrot green to a board meeting but you can wear sage,  sophisticated smart and on trend.  You could select a hue of green from the warm palette, add a dash of yellow to your green and get olive, add some black to olive and get khaki,  add more black and get forest. 

There are greens that belong to the cool palette,  greens with a hint of blue e.g.,  aqua green and  emerald.

Cool greens complement most skin tones.  They can be paired with purple, blue, hot pink, and magenta. You can, thus,  select from  a wide variety of greens. 

On trend colour 2022 - Hot Pink

Throw an aqua blazer over a hot pink top. The minute I say hot pink, I can hear the moans and groans - I don't want to look like barbie doll or that classic line I am too old for hot pink.  If you don't wear hot pink you can opt for salmon or old rose, muted pinks or magenta.

On trend colour 2022 - the colour Purple

In  the pink palette, if you want to be totally safe try blush but who wants to be safe not me. I like mystery I like romance, I like dark gothic, I like the color purple. Wear purple as outerwear or on a purple floral dress. Buy a Tommy Hilfiger purple pullover for your man.

On trend colour 2022 - Cobalt Blue

Last but not the least, the color blue. Wear cobalt blue and royal blue with on-trend colors like purple hot pink magenta

What is a classic staple in every man's wardrobe? The navy blue blazer worn with a white shirt and khaki chinos or formal trousers. Rev it up a little bit, swap the white shirt for an aqua gingham shirt.  Wear your cornflower blue shirts pullovers with a periwinkle scarf, the very peri hounds tooth scarf.

You do not always have to wear the trends in clothing. If you have a neutral wardrobe, you do not have to overhaul your entire wardrobe to be trend-friendly.  Invest in staples like jackets, blazers and trousers.  Combine them with on-trend accessories like scarves, bags, shoes, makeup and jewelry

Now that you have got the secrets to on-trend dressing, give out those diva vibes without spending oodles of money

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