How to Make DIY Christmas Gift Hampers

How to Make DIY Christmas Gift Hampers

Commercial gift hampers work well as Christmas gifts. However, they cost a pretty penny. You are bound by the choices on offer. 

You can, of course, come to Samita and team at Deidaa Eco gifts online.  We customize gift boxes with products you select.  We will include a handwritten note with your message in it and send it off to your designated address. Shipping is free Australia wide.

There is a third option.  You can create your own gift hampers. Gift hampers you create will have the personal touch.


DIY Gift Hamper

Step 1:

Recycle a hamper that you have received. Take a cardboard box and line it with shredded paper aka recycled packaging.  Alternately, put your waste paper through a paper shredder and you will get confetti to line the hamper. 


Step 2. The Pamper Pack 

The pamper pack or the wellness pack works for the entire spectrum of she/her - mum, nan, bff, auntie, colleagues.  Take comfort products like a silk scarf or a cashmere scarf, a fragrant eco-friendly soy candle, handmade scrunchie, eye mask, perhaps a spectacle case, handmade soap, natural loofah. Place these items in the box aesthetically and close the lid. Cover pre-existing signage with a piece of paper. Handwrite  your Christmas message on the paper. Tie the box with natural twine and dress it up with some Australian native leaves and flowers.

Step 3. The 70's Pack


Replace the cashmere scarf with an animal print cotton scarf with tassels or pom-poms.

You can buy these summer scarves at Deidaa or make them yourself.

To make a boho scarf, take a piece of square (40 cm x 40 cm) or oblong (2 m x 80 cm)  poplin and dress it up with braids, trims baubles, tassels. The '70s scarf could be your personal touch to the gift hamper.


Step 4: The Domestic Goddess Gift Hamper

If the she/her is a domestic goddess or a wizard in the kitchen, prepare the domestic goddess gift hamper for her. The first thing to go into this hamper would be an organic cotton lined bread bag with ties. You can have a bread bag or a seriously strong and large eco-canvas pocket bag or Farmer's bag. The farmer's  bag has compartments that prevent glass bottles from breaking and spilling over the rest of the contents of the bag. Other items in this pack could be tea towels. Again,  you could buy these tea towels or make them out of leftover fabric from your sewing projects. Deidaa's linen tea towels are strong, organic, and anti-pill. These kitchen  towels are perfect for cleaning stemware and glassware. You may add a set of measuring spoons made out of  neemwood to this gift hamper. Neemwood is naturally anti-fungal, antibacterial, and toxin free. Other options could be fresh herbs from your garden in a drawstring mesh bag that keeps the leaves nice and fresh. You could even freeze dry the herbs and put it in bottles and jars. Fresh fruits if you have some in your garden. A kitchen utensil like the mortar and pestle is handy to have in the kitchen.  It is sturdy and versatile. Top up with a bottle of soup mix. Always include the relevant soup recipe. Last but not the least, garnish with a home baked Christmas cookie.


Step 5: The Gardener Pack

How about someone with green fingers? Prepare a gardening gift hamper
for her or him.  Recycle old mugs,  or old strawberry punnets. An old teapot with a shattered lid can be re-used as a planter. Plant some herbs or succulents
and put it in the hamper. Herbs are perfect for the kitchen window sill. Add some gardening tools, a pretty pink pair of scissors and seedlings 


Step 6: The Newborn Pack


For the newborn or for the mom with a bun in the oven, select organic toys like Deidaa's Eco Warriors, made out of surplus fabric and stuffed with recycled plastic bottles. These eco-warriors save the environment.  The eco toys complement the organic cotton baby swaddles. For instance, the koala toy and the koala baby swaddle have matching prints. Will it not be a beautiful gift for a mom to be or for a newborn?


Step 7: The He/Him Pack 

Begin with a seriously large eco canvas man bag. Men like to stuff all their worldly possessions in one big bag. Be it travel, gym, work, it is one bag that takes it all.

The man bag is followed by another eco canvas stubby bag - with six pockets for six stubbies. The stubbie bag is a mini version of the farmer's bag. Next on the list, is a pure wool reversible houndstooth wool scarf. This winter scarf comes in two colors, periwinkle blue or black. Add a Merino beanie. You could make a beanie, mittens or a scarf yourself. Top up with a pocket comb made out of neem wood branded with Deidaa logo, a natural loofah, bamboo earbuds and a monogrammed handkerchief. 

With tissue beating the retreat,  handkerchiefs are making a big comeback. You can monogram the initials with simple stitches like the chain stitch. 


Cure for Giftophobia

If you are still suffering from giftophobia - the fear of giving gifts -  send an SOS to Learn with Samita or Deidaa eco gifts online. A Deidaa elf will come to your rescue.  We will customize a gift hamper with products you select. Deidaa offers free shipping Australia-wide and complimentary gift wrapping with recycled paper. We will include a handwritten note on recycled paper with your message in it.

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