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Top Tips on How to Celebrate Easter Sustainably

It's April. We are well and truly into the year 2022. What does that mean? Easter is coming up!

Every year millions of Australians celebrate Easter traditions, which most likely include Easter egg hunts, family festivities and lots of chocolates. It is time to enjoy the last rays of sunshine, before winter, to indulge with family and friends, host brunches or dinner parties, and relax while having time off work.

 At DEIDAA we are passionate about sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. We want to keep Easter celebrations sustainable and waste-free.

Minimise Shopping Trips: 

Easter is an annual event, which makes it easy to head off to the shops and buy new decorations, new chocolates and new easter baskets, and what comes along with that? PLASTIC!

Did you know? Plastic does not degenerate and stays with us for over 200 years.

Beautiful Easter decorations and baskets don't have to cost the earth! We at DEIDAA have come up with a couple of ideas on how to make your Easter celebrations special without producing more waste.

Get Crafty

Melt chocolates left over from Christmas (make sure they are not past the use -buy date) and set them into new moulds. You can get creative with recycling chocolates. Melt chocolates on a stove in a double boiler and set into Easter themed shapes, such as bunnies, flowers, and eggs.

Use the chocolate wrappers to create flowers for the Easter table.

Recycle easter egg foils. Fold them into little bow ties and use them as table decorations or present toppers.

If you do not have chocolates laying around in your house, buy fair-trade chocolate, that supports ethical work and trade conditions. 

Get the Kids Involved

Get the kids involved.  Teach them about recycling and reusing. It is important that we upskill the next generation and show them how easy it is to create something new out of something old. Get them to wear aprons and chef hats and whip up the batter for hot-cross buns.

Buy Local, Buy Handmade

There are times when recycling is not possible, We need to  buy something new. That's when DEIDAA says support local! Support handmade crafts!

 Summer is nearly over, but markets are still in full swing. Head over to your local market to purchase some fresh produce for your Easter brunch or support one of your local craft makers. Buy artisan products to gift to family or friends. A local market is a great Weekend activity that the whole family can enjoy! Strolling past different vendors, drinking locally roasted coffee, or having a bite of freshly baked pastries from the bakery stand lifts everyone's mood. Supporting local markets does so much for the community. It helps farmers and makers reach their sustainability goals.   Keeping the local community together and buying food from local suppliers also helps reduce transportation waste and ultimately leads to less pollution.

We at DEIDAA hope our tips can help. We wish you an amazing Easter Holiday. Spend Easter with friends, family. Make and share good food that does not hurt our Mother Earth!

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