Give Mum a Happy Mother's Day in 2021

Give Mum a Happy Mother's Day in 2021

A last minute random gift? A gift card that will expire unused?  Do any of these tell mum how well you know her? Not quite. Your gift should tell mum how well versed you are in what she likes and dislikes.

Give her something she will like

If mum creates magic in the kitchen, give her a kitchen utensil, a cookbook or a parent and child apron. Mum has green fingers and loves pottering about in the garden. Give her some forever flowers. Create lasting memories with Deidaa's nature themed Pink Fuchsia Silk Scarf.

Give mum the gift of quality, sustainability and ethics. Select from Deidaa’s wide range of sustainable and ethically sourced ecogifts.

Get crafty

Get crafty and creative with mum. Book mum into art and craft workshops. This week, Kelly Evans from Ecosophy Sustainable Arts was on Learn with Samita, Deidaa’s YouTube channel, Kelly runs workshops that optimise “wellness through sustainable and restorative arts process”. Since the lockdown in 2020, there is renewed interest in art and crafts. Craft is tactile meditation. It will help mum sustain mental and physical wellness.

Go Travel

Give back to the regional communities. Travel with mum to a regional town. Spend quality time together. Bond over food and wine.

We recommend the following places:

Yarra Valley

Visit the wine region of Yarra Valley. Enjoy the great food, wine and picturesque surroundings. We recommend De Bortoli and Chandon wineries.

 Mornington Peninsula

 A weekend getaway to the Mornington Peninsula is full of promise. Besides the stunning beaches, you could visit the parks and the picnic spots, towns and villages, gardens and historical places. Sorrento. Port Schanck and Portsea are worth a mention.

Deidaa Rose Silk Scarf at Portsea Hotel

Deidaa Rose Silk Scarf at Portsea Hotel

Daylesford and Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa

Just a stone’s throw from Melbourne, is the quaint town of Daylesford. Rich in greenery, art, antiques and boutique shopping, Daylesford is a traveller’s delight. Hepburn Bathhouse offers spa treatments and mineral bathing. A trip to Hepburn Springs is a calming and rejuvenating experience. Do not miss the Lavender Farm nearby.

Lavender Farm Daylesford

Lavandula Farm, Daylesford

Movie night

Set up a space in your living room. Prepare a bowl of popcorn and drinks. Pick a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Devil Wears Prada. If mum is a fan of comedy, we recommend Game Night, Shaun of The Dead, Deadpool and Superbad.

Post the trauma of 2020, mums deserve a special  Mother’s Day in 2021. Whatever you do, make sure your mum or a mother figure in your life has a Mother’s Day to relive and remember.


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