DIY Valentine's Day Projects out of Leftovers

DIY Valentine's Day Projects out of Leftovers

In  my first blog post on Valentine's Day 2021, I gave you  tips to celebrate Valentine's Day amidst restrictions, lockdown, and social distancing. In my second post, I will teach you how to create a Valentine's Day ambience with leftovers and remnants.

 DIY Valentine's Day Project - Table Setting

For table setting, begin with a theme and derive your colour palette from the theme.  Since it's Valentine's Day, I  decided to work with red, white and gold. I  used crockery and cutlery I have had since years. I created the centrepiece with some left-over ribbons and shreds of gift wrapping paper. We use this recycled handmade paper to package all the products you buy at Deidaa. I used some  gold trims as napkin rings, and to dress up plain white candles.The idea was to create a story.

Valentine's Day Bunting 

 After we made a range of red floral dresses and scarves, we had some shreds and remnants of fabrics.  We used the fabric and trim remnants, and hessian to make the bunting. I collected the hessian from the floral bouquets I received in 2020. Thankfully, the florists have now replaced plastic wrapping paper with hessian. 

For the bunting - take a piece of hessian. Fold and then accordian pleat it. Make the template of your bunting with a pencil and cut out the basic shape. Once you have the basic shape, decorate it with trim. If your fabric frays, use pinking shears, or zig zag scissors to get rid of of the little fibres. When buying shears or scissors always invest in good quality.  If you buy cheap scissors, they become blunt in no time.

Valentine's Day Ribbon Roses

For Valentine's Day roses, take a decent sized ribbon.  Fold it in the middle. Fold and re-fold till  you reach the end. Once you reach the end, with a sharp pull gather all the pleats into a rose. Secure the rose with dress pins. Cut off the edge or snip off the ribbon.  Never use  fabric scissors for cutting paper and vice versa. You cannot cut fabric with paper scissors. It does not have the strength and quality. If you have a pair of fabric scissors, it should be used for cutting fabric and nothing else. You can use the roses on table settings or as accents on gifts. You can make a bouquet of ribbon roses that lasts forever. 

Valentine's Day Centre Piece

For the centre piece, select a deep platter. Put it on paper and draw the outer rim. Use a French curve to draw your heart and your Valentine's heart. Cut out the template. Fill the template with strawberries. 

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