DIY Easter Decoration from Waste

DIY Easter Decoration from Waste

How time flies! We are already in March, a month away from Easter! Some of you may have started your Easter shopping... Easter hampers, Easter eggs. I am sure post Easter some of these would end up in the landfill. Why not do things a little differently this year? Recycle your waste into Easter decorations.

DIY bunny pinata from shredded paper:

 I have heaps of shredded paper. The wooden toys from my family of toy makers come packaged in shredded paper. If you do not have shredded paper, you can put your old documents through a shredder. Someone sent me a beautiful gift in a green wrapping paper. When I see the green wrapping paper, I see grass. If you put the green wrapping paper through a shredder you would get green grass. The idea is to exercise your imagination. We will use the white shredded paper to make a bunny pinata.

  1. Segregate shredded paper into different colors
  2. Take a repurposed cardboard mailer
  3. Draw the template of a bunny on the cardboard mailer
  4. Glue the white shredded paper on the cardboard bunny template

Easter eggs coloured with vegetable dyes:

 What is Easter without some coloured eggs? You do not have to use chemical colors to be able to decorate your eggs. Raid your pantry for DIY Easter decorations 2021. Your pantry is a treasure trove of vegetable dyes. Turmeric is one of the strongest vegetable dyes. If you want a strong yellow color,  use turmeric.
1. Pour hot water on turmeric
2. Soak some eggs in the magic potion
If you have tea that you were about to throw out, use it to colour the eggs. Utilise past use by date tea to dye your clothes, your textiles, and your laces. If you want your Easter eggs to have the vintage patinated look
1. Soak these in tea water
2. Pour boiling water on tea leaves
3. Make sure the eggs are immersed
4. How long do you soak? It depends on how strong you want the color to be.
You can use beet root for red, charcoal for black and indigo for blue. My mom and my grandmom would use indigo to whiten the clothes after washing. Indigo is a very strong natural dye and so is charcoal.
These are natural dyes, that  you or your children can use to dye fabric, or tie and dye fabric. 

Easter centerpiece with shredded paper:

 Remember the green-colored shredded paper?
1. I will use the green coloured shredded paper for grass. If there is grass, the bunny has to be somewhere.
2. I will put the bunny on the grass.
3. Remember the eggs? They will be catching the colours of turmeric and teaby now.
4. You can draw a smiley face on the eggs.
5. You can put the naturally coloured eggs on the centrepiece next to the bunny.
6. I reckon the eggs looking a little bald? Make some eye-catching hats for the eggs.
7. Cut rings out of a cardboard tube. If you have been binge shopping for toilet rolls in 2020, use the toilet roll tubes.
8. I get exhibitor badges from the trade shows I attend. I will collect ribbons from the exhibitor badges. You can use ribbons or you can use leftover wool. Cut the wool or ribbons in pieces. Use these to decorate the cardboard pieces.

Repurpose Valentine themed buntings:

Remember the Valentine's Day bunting from recycled paper? If you do not, then watch the Valentine's Day DIY decor video on Learn with Samita , Deidaa's YouTube channel.
Do not abandon the Valentine's Day bunting after one use. Recycle the bunting. 1. Flip it over.
2. Use the reverse side.
3. Use a colourful Easter themed trim to cover the edges of the bunting.
4. Take a remnant of gift wrapping paper or fabric.
5. Accordion pleat the paper or the fabric.
6. Cut out eggs, bunnies and carrots from the paper or fabric.
7. Place the eggs, bunnies and carrots in the middle of each flag on the bunting.
8. Fix with a hot glue gun.
Share your top Easter DIY tips with Deidaa.  Post comments  at @deidaaecogiftsonline.
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