How Best to Celebrate Mother's Day

Who is a mum?

What truly identifies a mother? Is it giving birth to a child, caring for your children, or is it cooking, cleaning and being called a mom? It is not as simple as that and it should not be. Being a mother is the most individual and diverse role a woman can take on and cannot be limited to one particular aspect.

How best to celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up and we at DEIDAA want to celebrate all mums and show them the appreciation they deserve.

But how can we say thank you and show our mothers, how much we love and appreciate them for everything they do for us?

To find the perfect gift for your mother, you have to find what makes your mother special. What is her love language? What does she like to do? What kind of mother is she? Is she a fashionista, who loves to dress up and experiment with different styles? Is she a domestic goddess who loves cooking and keeps the house together? Or is she the adventure and travel mum, who takes you on hikes and to different countries?

These are important characteristics we need to consider when thinking about the perfect gift for Mother's Day!

The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

 We at DEIDAA have come prepared and created a list of gift ideas, that will not leave you disappointed.

  • Show your love, by hosting a culinary dinner party and gifting mum a spice box suited to the theme of the night.
  • Spoil your mum with a spa day with either you or her best friend. A wellness hamper with herbal, vegan soap, neem wood accessories like a comb and tooth brush, natural loofah and bamboo ear buds will be  perfect complement to a spa day. Do you know we use recycled gift boxes to pack our wellness hampers and dress them up with natural twine and Australian flora? We will include a handwritten note with your message in the box and send it to your mum. 
  • Take her on an adventure trip, to a special place or organise a hiking day.
  • Plan a getaway weekend by the beach or to a rural town nearby, where you can explore markets and local gems together.
  • Have a laugh together, by inviting your mother out to a comedy show.
  • Prepare a gift basket with all your mums' favourites, including handmade baked goodies and organic tea towels.
  • Surprise mum with a fashion accessory, such as a scarf or Kaftan. These are extremely diverse and can be worn by everyone.
  • If your mum loves cooking, get her an apron with a funny quote on it. When she is preparing food she can smile and think of you.
  • If your mum is an environmentalist, you can give her organic shopping bags, as well as a market tote bag. These are staples in every woman's pantry.
  • Last but not the least, the most simple and cheapest gift of all is your time, call your mum, stop by for a cup of coffee or tea, and genuinely show interest in your mums' life and activities !!
Celebrating our mothers by presenting something meaningful and personal, is the way to their hearts. Take the day to relax and spend time with family.

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