Create Fashion Story Boards for Buyer Presentation

Create Fashion Story Boards for Buyer Presentation

Create Fashion Story Boards for Buyer Presentation - Mood Boards

Mood boards and story boards are stepping stones towards resolved design collections. A mood board gives a sense of initial direction. Mood boards convey a generic sense of inspiration. They include the fabric, color and silhouette references.

Story Boards - What to Include

The storyboard is the second step. The storyboard defines the collection. On the storyboard you have visual illustrations or visual drawings. Currently, visual drawings are used for promotion. They are the hook that connects the audience to your storyboard. Flats or  technical drawings are the next critical components of a story board. The technical drawings are drawings without the human form. In addition, the storyboard must have specific fabric and color reference, the size guide and the price guide. Some of us may not  like the price to be fixed at the outset. In that case you can mention POA or price on asking. This gives flexibility when you are negotiating with wholesale clients.

Storyboards - Use Different Design Principles

When you are drawing up the storyboard you don't have to be straight jacketed. You don't have to put everything in a straight line. Add depth and variety to your storyboard. Use principles of design and color on your subject matter. Experiment with the principles of unity, harmony, asymmetry, symmetry. Delve into complementary colors, warm colors, cool colors, analogous colors. Make the storyboard interesting. You may have ten minutes of your buyer's time. Grab their attention in those 5 or 10 minutes. Draw up storyboards that people want to sit up and take a look at.

Storyboards - Use Different Tools and Techniques.

Use different materials when you are creating your storyboards. You can use color pencills, charcoal, acrylic, gouache, copic markeres, pens and watercolor. Watercolor is an excellent medium if you can control it. If you are using crayons, fix your drawings with an odourless hairspray. Synergise different techniques - rendering, 3 dimensional storyboards, digital media and collage.  Make your storyboards interesting. Stand out from the crowd.
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