Christmas Gift Wrapping Hacks - Easy, Eco, Effective - Deidaa

Christmas Gift Wrapping Hacks - Easy, Eco, Effective - Deidaa

Are you running around shopping, entertaining, putting up Christmas decorations and doing half a dozen other chores? Gifts for friends and family are not wrapped yet? 'Calm down, no need to panic'. Deidaa elves aka team members have put together some last-minute DIY gift wrapping hacks.

Get some plain calico bags:


Deidaa bulk manufactures calico bags for business clients. These bags have all the bells and whistles, e.g., logo, graphics, embroideries and pompoms. Custom made bags are large, small, odd-sized, heavy-weight or lightweight. They can be totes, satchels or drawstring bags.


 For retail clients, Deidaa sells plain calico bags. Buy some of these plain bags and personalise them with stamps, artwork or prints.

Make your own gift boxes

Buy recycled cardboard gift boxes from Deidaa. On request, Deidaa will add a couple of calico produce bags and mesh bags to the gift boxes. Fill the produce bags with home made cookies and muffins. Put some fruits and nuts in the mesh bags. Deidaa's produce bags are made out of organic cotton. They are toxin-free. Mesh bags are breathable. They will keep produce fresh for a while. Add some recycled shredded paper for extra support. Tie with twine and decorate with pressed flowers. Voila! You will have a gourmet food hamper for a fraction of the cost!

Stimulate young minds:

Get Santa’s little helpers involved. Ask kids to cut out Santa or Christmas tree stencils. Place these on the calico bags or recycled paper gift boxes. Spray colour on the exposed area. You may use two or three colours. Scribble some handwritten personal messages within the Santa or Christmas tree shapes. Won’t nan and pop love this? Or gifts wrapped in paper decorated with impressions of little hands and feet? You can get the family pet to join in the fun. Spread out some plain paper in the backyard. Put some edible food colour under the paws of your four-legged friends and give them a free run of the backyard. Soon you will have DIY gift wrapping paper printed with pugmarks.

Practise Furoshiki

Buy some scarves off Deidaa. Deidaa's Australia scarves will do well for nature enthusiasts. The cotton scarves are perfect for the hippie at heart who never outgrew the 70s. You can't go past a yard or two of the peace silk, for the eco-warrior friend or family member.

Practise the Japanese art of Furoshiki i.e., use the cloth or scarves to wrap gifts. Unlike gift wraps that end up in the landfill, the scarves or fabrics can be used later.

Explore the outdoors:

Gift wrapping ideas are endless. Explore the bush or foreshore for seashells, driftwood, flowers, leaves, pine cones. Give them a coat of metallic paint or use them untreated as gift toppers.

 Re-use and recycle:

We, at Deidaa, root for sustainable gift wrapping ideas. We do not let go of any opportunity to use remnants of trims and baubles. Use photographs, twines, lace, doilies, fabric, buttons and embroideries to decorate your gifts. Recycle wicker baskets, empty coffee jars and cardboard boxes. Make bonbons out of mailing tubes. Did you buy a canvas beach bag from Deidaa for your nomadic friend? Use maps and travel brochures to wrap the overnight bag. Use sports pages from old newspapers as gift wrapping paper for the soccer-crazy dad.

If you are running short of ideas, reach out to Deidaa for help. Deidaa offers free gift wrapping. Please visit for more information. On request, Deidaa will wrap your gift with handmade recycled gift wrapping paper. Deidaa donates all fabric shreds to a handmade paper making unit.

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