If winter means runny nose and itchy eyes to you, you need the warmth and comfort of a handmade wool scarf. A new womens’ wool scarf is a perfect winter accessory. It adds colour and comfort to grey winter mornings. A soft pashmina scarf can be pure wool or blended with silk. Hand made solid wool scarves or embellished with lace are available at Deidaa. Solid coloured cashmere shawls are investment pieces. These luxury wraps do not go out of fashion and provide colour and comfort for a long time. Striped narrow neck scarves are chic and serve as classy corporate wear. Handmade wool scarves with lace trims can be be ladylike. They strike the right balance between modesty and allure. Stoles edged with lace are cleverfashionaccessories to carry on nippy evenings. A handmade wool scarf tops the list as a popular fashion accessory.

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