Women’s bags are accessories that no woman can do without. Bags for women should not only look good, but have practical use as well. A tote bag or overnight bag should have an extra strap. It can, then, make an easy transition into a sling bag for women. A clutch bag should have the option to become a sling bag for women i.e., a clutch bags should provide a hands free option. A woman carrying a clutch bag should not be a disaster waiting to happen. She should not have to do a balancing act with a clutch bag, nibbles and a glass of champagne. Deidaa offers tote or clutch bags with optional, detachable slings. These slings can be tucked into the bags when not in use. They taken out when the bags need to be slung across the body or over the shoulder. A clutch bag thus becomes a cross body or sling bag.

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  1. Beaded Clutch Bag Mobile Bridal Bag Women's Evening Bag Party Purse Gift for Her

    • Beaded clutch bag mobile 
    • Spectacle bag
    • Made out of dupion silk
    • Gold and diamante detail,
    • Magnetic snap lock and
    • Secure snap locked inner pouch for credit cards
    • 17 cm long x 9.5 cm wide x 6 cm deep
    • Compatible with smartphones 
    • 122 cm long detachable side sling all around
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  2. Beaded clutch bag black gold womens evening bag party purse racewear luxury sling bag

    •  Black clutch bag
    • Hand embroidered in front with black crystals and gold.
    • Back is covered with black dupion silk.
    • Ideal for red carpet events or festive occasions.
    • Comes with an optional metallic sling. 
    • Compatible with most smartphones.
    • 32 cm width x 14 cm height.
    • Limited edition
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  3. Beaded clutch bag pink satin evening bag boxy clutch bag party purse sling bag racewear

    • Beaded clutch bag pink satin
    • Contemporary boxy shape
    • Salmon pink colour
    • 18 cm width x 12 cm height.
    • Optional metallic sling
    • Glass beads and multicoloured rhinestone
    • Contemporary boxy shape
    • Racewear 
    • Red carpet accessory
    • Compatible with most smartphones.
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  4. Beach tote bag aztec large shopping bag womens canvas bag weekender bag vegan bag

      • Tote bag
      • Canvas/duck fabric
      • Geometric design
      • Green, orange, yellow
      • Sling bag
      • Beach bag
      • Shopping bag 
      • Travel bag
      • Overnight bag. 
      • Size: 53 cm length x 38 cm width)
      • Fluoro green handles (63 cm all round)
      • Adjustable strap (147 all around) G
      • Gusset at the base – 18 cm x 46 cm
      • Two outer compartments – one with buckle, one with a magnetic snap lock.
      • Zipped inner compartment.
      • Pouch for mobile phone 

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  5. Beaded Clutch Bag Black Evening Bag Handmade Party Purse Womens Velvet Handbag Gift for Her

    • Velour clutch bag 
    • Black
    • Red carpet and race wear accessory
    • Inner  flap for credit cards 
    • Diamante magnetic clasp. 
    • Detachable silver metallic side sling
    • Length -18 cm x Width – 12 cm x Depth – 5 cm
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  6. Beaded clutch bag bridal bag party purse womens evening bag gift for her

    • Bridal clutch bag
    • The front is fully hand beaded with rhinestones, sequins and faux pearls
    • Metallic side sling leaves your hands free to carry the bridal bouquet
    • 20 cm width x 12 cm height (exclusive of the clasp)
    • Compatible with most smartphones.
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  7. Beaded clutch bag animal design party purse womens evening bag gift for her

    •  Fluorescent animal motif bag
    • Completely hand beaded and sequined in front and
    • Covered with green silk at the back
    • Optional metallic side sling 
    • Clutch or sling bag
    • Crossbody or mini bag
    • 31 cm width x 13 cm height
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  8. Boho bag beaded clutch bag danglers sling bag party purse gift for her

    • The mini bag ‘boho’ 
    • Brocade mini bag 
    • Dupion silk trim
    • Metallic snap lock
    • Optional side sling
    • Ethnic danglers (that can be tucked inside or displayed as desired).
    • Comes in blue, multicolour (green, red and pink) black and red and off white.
    • Height 18cm x Width 27cm.
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  9. Beaded clutch bag chainmail party purse embroidered womens handbag gift for her

    • Cutch bag embroidered with chain mail in front
    • Covered with jute silk at the back
    • Contemporary boxy shape 
    • Classic metallic tones.
    • 18 cm width x 12 cm height
    • Racewear or red carpet accessory
    • Optional metallic sling
    • Compatible with most smartphones
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  10. Beaded clutch bag womens handbag evening bag party purse gift for her

    • Beaded clutch bag designer 
    • Embroidered with springs, coils and multi coloured beads on one side
    • Covered with matt gold jute silk on the other side
    • Contemporary boxy shape
    • Complements racewear, eveningwear and other formal dresses.
    • Optional, metallic side sling
    • Compatible with most smartphones.
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