• Printed Cotton Scarf
  • Animal Print Cotton Scarf Tassel Fringe
  • Floral Print Cotton Scarf Pompom


There are two kinds of people in this world, those who like leopard print scarves and those who don’t. But none can deny that leopard print scarves say something about your personality. Leopard print scarves tell the world you are chic, savvy and confident. You carry style with aplomb but are not afraid to show your wild side, now and then. Leopard print cotton scarves are versatile. They can be worn as summer scarves and winter scarves. Printed scarves are emerging as the coolest accessories on the fashion scene. A printed cotton scarf can be oblong or square. A printed cotton scarf can be tied as a neck scarf, left loose to hang neck downwards or worn as a bandanna. A printed cotton scarf tied to beach bags tells a carefree, casual story. Leopard print fringe scarves or floral pompom scarves complete the boho look. A printed cotton scarf is lightweight and compact. It is effective beachwear, resortwear or travel wear. This soft summer wrap can go into a backpack. It can add pizzazz to a simple dress or can shield against the sun, rain and wind.