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  • Paisley tote bag 

  • Beach bag

  • Shopping bag 

  • Overnight bag

  • Made out of sturdy canvas 

  • Embroidered on one side with beads and sequins

  • Travel mate. 

  • ZIp lock compartment 

  • Mobile pouch 

  • Pretty pink handles

  • Paisley motif 


  • CANVAS BEACH BAG PAISLEY INTRODUCTION: This canvas beach bag paisley doubles up as a large shopping bag or overnight bag. Made out of sturdy canvas it can be a great travel bag. Beads and sequins add colour and glamour. Added to the good looks, this paisley tote bag has practical features like a zip lock compartment for you to securely store your valuables. The mobile pouch means you do not have to fumble for your mobile phone. This canvas beach bag paisley has pretty pink handles. The paisley motif fits in with the currently popular ‘boho’ theme. However, this bag is not a one season wonder. The paisley design is a fashion classic and popular all over the world. You can use this canvas tote bag every season for many years to come.
  • BACKGROUND Women love to carry big day bags as they can accommodate the bare necessities of life like the water bottles, shades, umbrellas and energy bars. When you are heading for the beach, you have to stuff all your belongings in a canvas beach bag that has room for bathers, shades, sunscreen, water bottles, and munchies. Beach tote bags serve this purpose. Made of strong fabrics like canvas, sturdy beach tote bags are water and sun proof. Beach tote bags double up as handy travel bags. Owing to ergonomic safety measures, there are several restrictions on contents of check-in baggage or checking in baggage beyond a specific weight and size limit on a flight. A large tote bag is an ideal size for the overhead compartment in an in-flight cabin. Compact and colourful, it has enough room for your mini make up kit, a pashmina wrap, a book or two. It equips you well for a long haul flight. Beach tote bags are versatile and have several uses. They can double up as shopping bags for daily chores like sundry shopping and dropping kids to the school. Beach tote bags add a dash of colour to a busy woman’s daily routine. Beach bags for women are our silent and cheerful companions and they never complain.
  • FEATURES: Sturdy and eco-friendly duck fabric Day Bag, Overnight Bag, Beach Bag
  • SIZE: (40 cm length x 50 cm width) Pink handles (63 cm all around)
  • Zipped opening
  • Gusset at the base – 18 cm x 36 cm
  • One side embroidered with beads and sequins
  • Zipped inner compartment
  • Pouch for mobile phone

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