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  • Designer silk scarf

  • Floral rose scarf

  • Made out of natural fibres

  • All season scarf

  • Pareo or sarong

  • Lightweight and soft

  • Travel scarf

  • Throw or runner


  • DESIGNER SILK SCARF ROSE INTRODUCTION: Deidaa's designer silk scarf embodies love and passion. This scarf is striking against black or red and elevates a garment to a statement piece. It is made out of natural fibres. A red rose is associated with romance worldwide. The rose scarf is universally popular and can be worn across seasons. Tied in a dead man’s knot around the neck, the designer silk scarf rose is warm in winter. In spring or summer, it can be draped gracefully over the torso or tied as a pareo or sarong. Being lightweight, it is a good travel companion. As a throw or runner, it adds to a romantic decor. It is the perfect token of love, especially on occasions like Valentine's Day, birthday and anniversary
  • BACKGROUND: Deidaa's designer silk scarf rose is exactly what a rose scarf is meant to be. Inspired by the scarlet rose flower, this scarf is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. It is soft and sensual. This scarf has started many a conversation. It is one of Deidaa's best - sellers. This scarf has already had a re -run. It may not be repeated again. Hit the 'buy now' button and grab a popular scarf from Deidaa, a fast growing online fashion store in Australia.
  • Fabric: 80% silk 20% modal
  • Colour: Black, white and red
  • Size: 70 cm x 2 m approximately (excluding fringes)

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