Work from Home - How to have a happy WFH experience

Event Date: Mar 22, 2020
Work from Home, most of us will have to do this in the coming weeks, to safeguard the wider community.
For many of us working from home is a way of life. No longer is a corner office in the CBD, a paradigm of success.
You can do a few things to successfully work from home.

Work from home - have a designated workspace:

Have an allocated work area. Personalise this space. In my home office, I have the essentials, books, computers, handmade stationery. And then, I have a few of my favourite things. A handpainted pencil from Prague. a terracotta pencil holder, my favourite mug and recycled coasters. Most of these are gifts from my friends and family and bring back happy memories.
I have my treasure chests or boxes. They hold bits and bobs, cuttings from books and magazines, and fabric swatches. These boxes are my source of inspiration.

Diversify your workspace:

You do not have to confine yourself to a single workspace. A downside of working from home is boredom. To break the monotony, you can diversify your workspace. At times, I work from my backyard, surrounded by greenery, birds and Deidaadog Simba.

Dress for work:

Left to myself, I would work dressed in my PJs and plushie robe.

Trust me, it is a bad idea. Even at home, you have to interact with people - courier persons and posties. And what if, in the middle of a Skype meeting, your client asks you to switch on the camera?
You do not have to wear a business suit. Wear something fluid and comfortable, like a kaftan. Have a scarf handy. A scarf is the quickest way to make the transition from casual to corporate.

Maintain a schedule:

Begin and finish work at regular times - keeps you disciplined. Your clients and service providers get familiar with your work hours. I do not, always practise what I preach. Officially, I begin work at 10 am and finish at 7 pm. Unofficially, I could be skyping with my distributor in Canada, early morning and talking to my artisans late into the night. The digital world can be very 24/7.

Have a fitness regime:

Take regular breaks from work. Minimise eye strain by moving away from the computer. Every now and then, I get pulled up by my health professional husband, for bad posture. Sit straight, your back supported by a cushion, your eyes at level with the monitor. Avoid health problems like back pain. Get up from your desk. Go for a walk. Hit the gym. Do chores and errands. Many of my bestselling ideas have come to me while walking to the post shop or local shopping strip. Maintain good hygiene and follow the social distancing protocol.


WFH can cause social isolation and related mental health issues. Catch up with friends, attend events, visit exhibitions, libraries, and art galleries. In the current scenario do all of these virtually.

Get a partner in crime:

Get a furry partner or accomplice. If a four-legged partner aka cat or dog, is too much commitment, adopt a partner with wings or fins, i.e., a bird or fish.
Have a happy WFH experience.

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