How to Take the Plastic Free July Challenge

Event Date: Jul 11, 2020
The Plastic Free July campaign began as a small initiative in Western Australia. It has since emerged as a global movement. As the name suggests, it aims at minimising #plasticwaste.
As always, Deidaa has signed up for the #plasticfreejulychallenge in 2020.
#Deidaaecogiftsonline will take the challenge as an organisation. Members of Deidaateam will take the challenge as individuals. Deidaa will mentor all members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club) who take up the challenge.
Let us join hands and take the Plastic Free Challenge together.

1. Avoid as much plastic packaging as you can.


Deidaa has replaced plastic with biodegradable packaging. Deidaa's customised tissue paper is made out of recycled material. Deidaa's silk scarves and beaded bags are packed in organic cotton drawstring bags. You can reuse these calico bags for storing the scarves and bags. Deidaa's outer mailer is compostable. At Deidaa, we offer complimentary gift wrapping. Deidaa's gift wrapping paper is made out of fabric shreds. We sell giftbags made out of recycled paper at Deidaashop.

2. Remember your reusable shopping bags.

In 2020, Deidaa has launched a range of reusable organic cotton bags. You may select from farmer's market bags, shopping totes, bread bags, produce, and mesh bags. Farmer's market bags have several pockets. These pockets hold your bottles and tins so that there are no spills or breakage. We are spending more time at home. Some of us have turned into serial bakers. We can use the bread bag to store our freshly baked loaves, muffins, and cakes. Produce bags and mesh bags are ideal for storing lentils, fruits, and vegetables. Mesh bags are breathable. Vegetables and fruits stored in mesh bags store their freshness for a long time.

3. Takeaway utensils and bottled water.

Many of us are in lockdown. We can only do takeaways from restaurants. You may replace the plastic takeaway containers with steel tiffins. The other option is to replace restaurant food with home-cooked food. At Deidaa we are big on wellness. We urge you to cook with fresh produce. Use steel pugging pots for releasing flavour from ginger, garlic, turmeric, and condiments. Spices and herbs stored in Deidaa's steel spice box are easy to use and retain their freshness. 
Why does Deidaa endorse stainless steel? Stainless steel is sturdy, toxin-free, and biodegradable.  Incredibly strong, steel utensils last a lifetime. Deidaa gets utensils and appliances made in rust-free, quality steel. 
PET bottles are the worst offenders when it comes to plastic pollution. At Deidaa, we have replaced PET bottles with floral printed copper water bottles. Copper has medicinal properties.

4. Make your own food and drinks


Deidaa has launched an initiative to familiarise children with the evils of plastic. Deidaa's eco-warrior stuffed toys are waging a war against plastic. These organic cotton handmade toys are sewn from surplus organic cotton. They are stuffed with fibre processed out of recycled PET bottles.
Deidaa's organic cotton kids aprons help mini chefs to learn the ropes of cooking. Some of these aprons are printed with alphabets and numerals and double up as teaching aids.
 Deidaa's war with plastic is an ongoing effort. Join Deidaa in this battle against plastic.
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