Corona Virus - Deidaa Joins the Fight against COVID-19

Event Date: Mar 15, 2020
Pandemic, virus, isolation... we are in the grip of an unknown spectre. It is surreal, out of a movie on apocalypse. The problem is, this time it is real, real people are affected by a coronavirus, real people are dying. Covid 2020 does not discriminate. It does not confine itself to remote pockets of deprivation and poverty. It is touching one and all in rich and poor countries.
My Buddhist practice tells me every winter is followed by spring. It encourages me to turn poison into medicine. But how do I do it and how do you all?

Covid-19 - Keep fit

In difficult times, how do I preserve my health and retain my sanity? I do yoga. I do not stand on my head or do complex acrobatics. Comfortable kaftans, simple asanas, and breathing exercises ensure high energy levels. I sleep well sans medicines.
You do not have to do yoga. You can walk, run, jump on the treadmill, do pilates, zumba, moi thai - get off that couch and do something.

Raise immunity levels

This is not rocket science. You do not have to look very far. Raid your pantry. Do you know ginger, turmeric and peppercorn boost your immunity? Bring out the good old pugging pot or mortar and pestle. Smash some fresh ginger or turmeric. Add to your morning cuppa.

Invest in a pocket bag

Talking about the pantry, stock your pantry with herbs, fruits, veggies, spices, and lentils. Do not go overboard with grocery shopping. Buy what you need.
When you shop for groceries, you do not want bottles smashed and bananas squashed before their time. Invest in an organic canvas farmer's market bag or pocket bag. Deidaa's eco - canvas pocket bag is strong and spacious. It has six pockets that keep your bottles and cans from colliding. Sturdy handles ensure that it can be slung across the shoulder.
The pocket bag is incredibly versatile. With stay at home kids, you have to do quick tidy ups. Ask me, I have a fur baby at home. This pocket bag is a lifesaver when it comes to a quick tidy up.

Keep stay at home kids engaged

Keep your stay at home kids amused. Did you watch Deidaastars Win and Vic unbox their toys? Did you notice how engaged they were with the toys? Why not get your kids a Big Ears Bunny, a Hot Dog or a koala this Easter? You can buy them at the Deidaashop, from the safety and comfort of your home. You do not have to go to public places or malls. Deidaa's eco-warriors are organic, recycled, non-toxic and handmade.
Use the SAHM time to bond with family. Organise a backyard bbq.. Try out new recipes or bake some healthy loaves and muffins. Keep them fresh in an organic canvas bread bag. Getting your sous chefs aka kids, to wear some of Deidaa's kids' aprons adds to the fun.
Another project for kids? There is a reason why Deidaa's canvas bags are blank. Get your kids to dress up these bags. Give them some paint and odds and ends and let their imagination run wild.
Stay safe. Look after yourselves, community and the elderly. Practise good hygiene. Wash your hands. Adopt a covid friendly greeting - namaste Deidaaratti ( members of the Deidaa Mail Club).
Share your COVID thoughts and recommendations with Deidaa.  
Together, we shall overcome...