Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Deidaatip

Date: Nov 25, 2019

We may be corporate high-flyers or seasoned housewives. We may have a few strands of grey in our hair, but most of us remain daddy’s little girls at heart. Very often, dad is our most loyal fan and biggest supporter. How do you say thank you to the man who has held your hands, since you took your first steps?



Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Gift of Warmth

Think outside the box – no handkerchiefs or socks for daddy this Fathers Day. Give dad the gift of warmth. Buy a man scarf from Deidaashop. A man scarf spells relaxed elegance. Opt for plain pashminas or patterned ones. A neutral scarf complements an understated sartorial style. Alternately, replace dad’s tie with a colourful pashmina. Voila, the day to evening transformation will happen in no time.

Gift of Health:

Is dad a junk food addict? Father’s Day is a good time to introduce dad to the benefits of healthy eating. Help him sharpen his culinary skills with a few simple recipes and a tiffin box he can use to store food or pack lunches.

Gift of a Hobby:

Does dad like to rustle up a few curries in the kitchen? He will appreciate a stainless steel masala or spice box or a heavy-duty mortar and pestle. Do you know bruising spices in a mortar and pestle before cooking helps release their flavour?

Gift of Fun and Frolic:

Is dad the barbeque king and loves to down a few beers with his mates? Look no further. Deidaa’s cooking aprons with funky graphics will be the ideal gift for dad. If you are buying for your kid’s dad, some of these aprons come with matching mini-me aprons.

If like me, you have lost your dad, locate a father figure in your life and give him the gift of love this father’s day.

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