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  1. Life Style Apr 18, 2020

    How to do an Online Presentation - Tips on Lighting, Hair and Make Up, Clothing and Accessories.

    Ask yourself four questions before you begin an online presentation.  Who are you talking to? What is happening in their world? What would they like to listen to? What should you talk about? Hidden in the answer to your first question, is the answer to your second question. What topic will resonate with your audience?  How will you  […]
  2. Life Style Jan 12, 2020

    Crochety and Crafty - 5 benefits of art and craft

    And here I was, thinking, art and craft were losing ground to mechanization in today's world. That's when it struck me, art and craft are more relevant today than ever before! […]
  3. Life Style Dec 24, 2019

    Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Hacks

    Last-Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Hacks […]