1. Event Jul 26, 2020

    Ausmumpreneur Awards Finalist - A Validation of Deidaa's Love Affair with Organic Textiles and Artisan Crafts

    Deidaa is a finalist in three categories...sustainability, fashion business and multicultural business excellence... at the Ausmumpreneur Business Awards. This is an honour for me and my team of eco-cultivators and makers. An award will put us in the spotlight. This will translate into more work for the farmers and makers. My vision  […]
  2. Event Jul 11, 2020

    How to Take the Plastic Free July Challenge

    As always, Deidaa has signed up for the #plasticfreejuly challenge in 2020. #Deidaaecogiftsonline will take the challenge as an organisation. Members of Deidaateam will take the challenge as individuals. Deidaa will mentor all members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club) who take up the challenge. Let us join hands and take the  […]
  3. Event Jun 25, 2020

    Deidaaecogiftsonline EOFY Sale Apply 20OFF at Checkout

    Deidaa sells floral scarves, printed sheer kaftans, tie-dye kaftans. You can also find beach tote bags, crossbody bags, beaded clutch bags at Deidaashop. Deidaa's ecogift range includes kid's kitchen aprons, eco toys, and reusable calico bags. We are well into the Deidaa sale. In fact, we will be closing the sale on 30th June. So b […]
  4. Event May 02, 2020

    How to Have a Lockdown #MothersDay2020 - #Deidaaecogiftsonline Tips and Gift Edit

    One week from now and it is Mother's Day. But mummy is in lockdown! How do we celebrate a lockdown Mother's Day in the COVID era? […]
  5. Life Style Apr 18, 2020

    How to do an Online Presentation - Tips on Lighting, Hair and Make Up, Clothing and Accessories.

    Ask yourself four questions before you begin an online presentation.  Who are you talking to? What is happening in their world? What would they like to listen to? What should you talk about? Hidden in the answer to your first question, is the answer to your second question. What topic will resonate with your audience?  How will you  […]
  6. Event Apr 06, 2020

    Kids in the Kitchen - Tips from Chef and Food Blogger Milanka Giordano

    Deidaa has launched the 'Tips from Experts' series. In each episode, Deidaa features an expert - in conversation with Samita, Deidaa's creative director. Topics range from 1.cookery 2. travel  3. wildlife 4. art & crafts and so much more. Conversations take place in Deidaa's zoom room. Recordings are made available to the public at h […]
  7. Event Mar 26, 2020

    Hacks for SAHMs - How to Keep Stay at Home Kids Busy

    I got this frantic message from a client, 'Samita, my head is spinning. I am homeschooling two girls.' That set me thinking. Surely, it can't be that difficult, keeping stay at home kids busy. I came up with a few ideas of my own about how you can keep stay at home kids engaged. I am not talking play stations, ipads or the idiot box. […]
  8. Event Mar 22, 2020

    Work from Home - How to have a happy WFH experience

    Work from Home, most of us will have to do this in the coming weeks, to safeguard the wider community. For many of us working from home is a way of life. No longer is a corner office in the CBD, a paradigm of success. You can do a few things to successfully work from home. […]
  9. Event Mar 15, 2020

    Corona Virus - Deidaa Joins the Fight against COVID-19

    Pandemic, virus, isolation... we are in the grip of an unknown spectre. It is surreal, out of a movie on apocalypse. The problem is, this time it is real, real people are affected by a coronavirus, real people are dying. Covid 2020 does not discriminate. It does not confine itself to remote pockets of deprivation and poverty. It is t […]
  10. Event Mar 04, 2020

    International Women's Day - Power Dressing Tips for Storng Women

    "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." Gloria Steinem. Power dressing is important because it evokes authority and competence. A power dressed woman exudes an aura of class and confidence.  […]