Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are

Deidaaecogiftsonline Australia Offers Handmade Organic Toys, Kids Apron Sets, Unique Australian Gifts, Calico Bags, Australia Printed Silk Scarves, Steel Utensils, Kaftans and More, Designed in Australia, Made in Australia, New Zealand, India & Nepal.

Deidaa is about preserving tradition and retaining self-respect. Mass production robs artisans of creative satisfaction. Deidaa contributes to artisans’ material and emotional wellness by creating a demand for artisan crafts. ‘ I do not negate the contribution of technology to fashion, but what human hands can achieve has never ceased to surprise me. I channelise the artisans’ creativity into apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products. I work from within and not from above. I learn from the artisans as much as they learn from me. As a fashion designer, I strive to be the bridge between artisan crafts and contemporary fashion,’ says Samita. DEIDAA’S MANTRA – EDGY, ETHICAL, ECO.